Common Passport Application Issues

Other Common Mistakes:

  • Make sure you sign your application and date it using the date we will receive your application. For example if you are sending your application to us on January 1st using overnight delivery please be sure to date it January 2nd- the date that we will receive the application. 
  • Missing barcode: if you have successfully completed the online passport application you will see a barcode clearly indicated on the application.
  • Please DO NOT pay the additional $12.72 (rate as of July 10, 2012) for overnight return delivery service from the Department of State when appearing at the acceptance facilities (such as a post office) to have your application executed. Since Passport Visas will personally submit and collect your application and passport, this is unnecessary. 

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If you are traveling in less than 2 weeks call us at 1-212-967-0042 to reserve your submission slot. before booking