Short Term Passports (Issued in a Foreign Country)

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Holders of a 1-year limited passport issued abroad must follow specific guidelines to ensure compliance with different jurisdictional standards. Maintaining the validity of your passport is essential for service access. Upon expiration, it’s mandatory to follow the set procedures for renewal or re-issuance, as outlined in the New Passport Adult Requirements. It’s critical to understand that renewing or updating your 1-year limited passport, especially those identified as short-term and issued abroad, is not optional but a required action to uphold its validity and ensure it meets international travel standards.

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Short Term Passports (Issued in a Foreign Country)

If you are traveling in less than 2 weeks call us at 1-212-967-0042 to reserve your submission slot. before booking

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If you are traveling in less than 2 weeks call us at 1-212-967-0042 to reserve your submission slot. before booking