When preparing the business letter from your US company, follow these guidelines to ensure it meets the requirements for the Saudi Arabian visa application:

  1. Letter Content:
  • The letter should be formally addressed to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in New York.
  • It must confirm your employment status with the company.
  • Clearly state the business purpose of your travel to Saudi Arabia, detailing your role and responsibilities during the trip.

2. Notarization:

  • The business letter must be officially notarized to validate its authenticity. Ensure that this step is completed before submission.

3. Company Registration Documentation:

  • Attach a copy of your US-based company’s business registration. This document should reflect the company’s legal status and operation within the United States.

Email Submission of the Business Letter:

 Once your business letter is prepared and notarized, follow these steps for submission to our team:

Scanning the Document: Scan the notarized business letter along with the US company’s business registration to create clear digital copies.

Emailing for Review: Email the scanned copies of the business letter and the company registration document to [email protected]. Include any other relevant documents as required for your visa application process.



If you are traveling in less than 2 weeks call us at 1-212-967-0042 to reserve your submission slot. before booking