The invitation letter required for both tourist and business visas for Ghana should be a comprehensive document that can be issued by either an individual or a company in Ghana. This letter serves as a formal request to the Ghanaian authorities, explaining the purpose of the applicant’s visit, whether for tourism or business. Here is a consolidated description of what such a letter should include:

  1. Introduction and Relationship: The letter must begin with an introduction of the host (individual or company) and explain their relationship to the visa applicant. This introduction should provide clarity on whether the visit is personal (in case of an individual host) or professional (in case of a company host).
  2. Purpose of Visit: A clear statement of the purpose of travel to Ghana. This should detail whether the visit is for tourism, business meetings, conferences, or other professional activities in the case of a business visa, or for leisure, sightseeing, or personal reasons in the case of a tourist visa.
  3. Duration and Itinerary: The letter must specify the length of the applicant’s intended stay in Ghana. It should include dates and a brief itinerary if possible, especially for a tourist visa.
  4. Accommodation Details: The letter should provide the full residential address and telephone number of the place where the applicant will stay. This could be the personal residence of the host, a hotel, or a company-provided accommodation.
  5. Host’s Contact Information: Detailed contact information of the host, including address, telephone number, and email address, should be included. This is essential for both individual and company hosts.
  6. Attachments: The host must include a copy of their passport. Additionally, if the host is not a Ghanaian citizen, they need to attach a copy of their residency permit.
  7. Assurances: It’s beneficial for the host to assure that the visitor will abide by the laws of Ghana and that their stay will be supported as per the requirements (financially and logistically).



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