Special Instructions

Applicants traveling to restricted areas such as Aceh, Maluku, and Irian Jaya, will need to provide an invitation from the Indonesian government. To obtain an invitation, the applicant must contact the sponsor our counterpart in Indonesia to pursue the Authorization (Otorisasi) at the Clearing House of the Department of Foreign Affairs or at the Indonesian Immigration. When the Authorization is approved, the original Authorization will be faxed either to the Embassy of Indonesia or to the nearest Consulate General to the applicant. In additional to the original, the Notification (Pemberitahuan) of the approval of the Authorization is sent to the applicant’s sponsor or counterpart in Indonesia. The visa will be issued based on the original Authorization. Once the approval has been received by the Embassy or Consulate General, the applicant may proceed to send us the visa application form and other visa supporting documents to Travisa for visa processing.



If you are traveling in less than 2 weeks call us at 1-212-967-0042 to reserve your submission slot. before booking